ESSD FEES Accreditation Programme

The fourth ESSD FEES practical course will be held in Mataró, near Barcelona, on 7-8 February 2018. Prior to the practical course there will be a theoretical course online, available from 14 January which cover some background anatomy, physiology, and complications of dysphagia. Then there are two days onsite at Mataró Hospital where there will be lectures and practice with the endoscopes and case studies. At the end of the course there will be a multiple choice exam.

The course represents the first part of the ESSD FEES Accreditation Programme, see full accreditation programme.

Important Dates

01 December 2018 - Registration for FEES course open on website

01 December 2018- 31 December - Submission of documents and payment of fees 

02 January to 12 January 2019 - Authentication of documents and granting of places on course

14 January 2019 - 6 February        - Online theoretical course available for students

7-8 February 2019     - On-site practical course at Hospital de Mataró, near Barcelona, Spain

February 2019         - On-site theory end-of-course exam, Hospital de Mataró  


On passing the exam, students will be given a certificate that they have attended and passed the exam. To obtain the accreditation that they are competent in practicing FEES to explore neurological and geriatric patients for dysphagia, they will need to complete the programme and organize for themselves 30 FEES under supervision of an ESSD accredited instructor and 30 FEES under indirect supervision and then sit a final practical exam. See full programme.